On the onset of breezy winds and chilly nights, it is that time of the year when weddings are prevalent in Pakistan. Along with aromatic coffee and blazing fire pits, it is time to revamp men’s wardrobes for winter weddings. Behind the scene, much credit goes to our tailors and designers who spend endless hours bringing an exquisite collection of groom’s wedding wear lines that will get you all the praise for this wedding season. Prince coats are all the fad at this time of the year. Pakistani grooms now are lively and bold with their choices and are setting trends in the subcontinent. From their outfits to their personalities, everything is worth taking inspiration from for your occasions. Lastly, bookmark all your favorite looks and fashion advice from this blog for your weddings.

Three essential reasons to wear a Prince Coat

Aside from the foregoing upgrade in formality and making a fancy outfit, even more, fancier, here are the top-picked reasons why it is a good idea to upgrade an outfit from a two-piece to a three-piece outfit.

-Prince coats are great for warm winter weddings.

-A prince coat can be slimming.

-It will make you stand out from other Groomsmen.

A prince coat is a versatile piece in your wardrobe that can be styled and accessorized according to your taste. It can be worn in two ways:

-Prince coat with pants

-Prince coats with a shalwar.

Pathani-styled shalwar is quite trending these days and is a popular choice for Mehndi functions. They can be worn with a short-length prince coat over pants or you can also style them with a Pathani shalwar, a prince coat and a sherwani for an uber-chic appearance.

A versatile wedding photography shot of a confident groom wearing a printed prince coat at Mehndi event.

For an elegant Barat’s event, one can wear a prince coat of longer lengths over sherwanis and straight- cut pants.

It is all about the prints and patterns this season. It is a season when heavy, embellished prince coats can be effortlessly carried out without anyone batting their eyes at the unconventional designs. There is a

wide variety of prints and patterns to pick from our store’s quintessential collection.

For an all-time classic look choose coats made from self-printed white or black Jamawars embellished with heavy, gold buttoned coats.

For daytime events, one can opt for bolder jackets. We have fallen head over heels for digitally printed silk prince coats, and floral coats that are well-suited for receptions.

Complimentary hues of jackets

The reds and golds are not reserved for brides this season but the grooms can be seen experimenting with their chosen colors for a royal Barat looks. White suits, jackets, and sherwanis are flawless Nikah costumes. Daytime events such as receptions call out for a softer theme and colors such as teal, cobalt blue, cyan, and beryl are best suited.

Choosing the right accessories

Shawls-We are wide-eyed in awe of how grooms carry shawls with their sherwanis. Grooms can be seen adorning light-colored embroidered shawls or raw silk dupattas matching their outfits. You can get creative with your selection of shawls made from velvets and jamawar.

Shoes-For a flawless semblance grooms match their sherwanis and jackets with their shoes. From suede loafers to embroidered Peshawari sandals to elegant oxfords the choices are endless. Shoes are an understated piece of accessory but without them, the outfit is incomplete so choose your shoes thoughtfully.

Safas-A Safa is an essential turban for an eastern groom without which an outfit is incomplete. It represents pride and devotion to one another. It is created with comfortable fabrics such as raw silk, silk, brocade, and velvet and it is further embellished with pearls, lace, and stones of customizable stones.

Other small accessories such as cufflinks, pocket squares, sunglasses, bow-ties, and watches are often overlooked but don’t forget accessories make the outfit and even the smallest accessory makes a difference.

Prince coats for every budget

Sherwanis and suits paired with prince coats may seem an extravagant affair for many but you will be able to find coats for every budget in our outlet. We have curated stylish and uber-chic coats for budgets as low as Rs 46,000. The best way to find wedding wear according to your budget is you can buy off a rack kurta shalwar or suit and can pair it with a fancy embellished prince coat for a regal look.

Top designer’s pick of prince coats of the season for winter weddings

Tropical suiting prince coat embellished with Moti, kora dabka work with matching shoes

Royal Gold jamawar prince coat with shalwar kameez with cut Danna and Moti work.

There is a variety of Píince coats out there with outlandish designs, but don’t let that put you off from choosing according to youí peísonality. Eitheí way, theíe aíe two píemieí íules to keep in mind. One, make suíe the coat is in vaíying coloís oí píints to complement the suit

undeíneath. ľwo, whatever you do, don’t wear a patteíned coat with a patteíned sheíwani and patteíned suit.